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Our company was founded by professionals with extensive experience, working in various segments of Maritime and Underwater area, which has developed work in locations across the country, with its proven experience in large companies.

The technical knowledge, obtained through years of experience, skilled, efficient equipment and insurance, are factors that can not fail to mention to the constant technological innovations that give us access to solutions compatible with the reality of the company's success.

Intervene in the construction, maintenance and inspection of various types of underwater structures and vessels.
Our specialized teams and the constant updating of our equipment allows us to offer services of high quality technical and professional.

We have systems of underwater video equipment, underwater cutting and welding, and all the technical stuff for the best performance of professional diving.





+55 (21) 2687-6123 / Fax: +55 (21) 3781-3440
Rua João Cruz Neto, 80 - Ilha Da Madeira - Itaguaí - Rio de Janeiro 23826-630 ( próximo ao Iate Clube da Ilha da Madeira )
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